Who We Are
Roy and Elaine Hitchman are passionate about helping build and strengthen marriages and families. They work as the European directors for 2 = 1 ministry and are based in Hungary. 2=1 is present in 90 nations where couples coach other couples to equip and strengthen marriages and families to help fulfill God’s purpose for their lives.

Where We Are
The Hitchmans live in Gyor, Hungary, one and a half hours away from three European capitals: Vienna, Bratislava, and Budapest.

Why Hungary?
With a heart to see marriages and families strengthened, as Eastern Europe opens up, there are many opportunities to help teach and provide much needed resources and tools to families in these areas. Hungary is situated in an ideal location to reach out to the Ukraine, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, and Austria.

What the Hitchman’s do …
Roy and Elaine coordinate training and activities throughout the nations in the European Union that essentially strengthen and build marriages. As directors of 2=1 ministries in Europe, they relate with lead couples in each nation to provide training and support. They travel throughout Europe, training groups of couples to teach on marriage and develop teams in each nation to continue the work. Part of their role involves conducting marriage seminars in across Europe and speaking at marriage and parenting conferences across Europe.

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