JuarezHomesLast May 2011, a team of 18 traveled to Juarez went extremely well and built 3 homes in 3 1/2 days. Families lives will be forever changed by the generosity of those that spent their time and energy, as well as those that contributed to the project. These families lived in such poverty that the children’s toys are whatever trash they can find outside, or the rabbid dogs that roam the streets. Their walls are made from wooden pallets or cardboard, and their living spaces are only 1 room. But these families are real people. They clean their homes, no matter how small. They love their children, no matter how dirty, and they are loved by God, no matter how poor.

The team had an absolute blast, reporting many stories of laughter and joy spent with the people of Juarez. They worked hard, though there wasn’t any physical reward or compensation, and so many said that the blessing of seeing the tears of joy in these families made every minute worth it. THANK YOU to the team that went, and the generous donors that made this trip possible! TEAM!

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