More About Arise Ministries

About the Fairweathers:

Jack and Tammy met at the University of Arizona in 1999. The couple was married in June 2000 and have moved to a number of states since their marriage. They have lived in Virginia, North Carolina, California, Nebraska, Idaho, and Colorado (as well as the Philippines and Jack spent a short time in Iraq). Jack was honorably discharged from the United States Marine Corps in 2004 and the couple moved to Omaha, Nebraska to work with a church in the suburbs. After hearing a presentation by the staff of Mercy in Action International, Jack and Tammy decided to test the waters of missionary service. They went to train with Mercy in Action in Boise, Idaho and the Philippines and while in the Philippines fell in love with the country.

After the completion of the Mercy in Action training in June 2006 the Fairweathers returned to the states and moved near Tammy’s family in Littleton, CO. Jack began the Master of Divinity program at Denver Seminary in May 2007 with an emphasis in Intercultural Ministry in preparation for God’s call in their life together. Jack graduated in May 2009.


Arise Ministries:  

Arise Ministries was started by Jack and Tammy Fairweather in 2009.  We have currently taken in 26 children with plans on taking in many more.  Our plans also include a community development program that is in the works. Through this program we will help and empower 57 families which will include hundreds of needy chidlren.  There is much more to come!