Uganda: Dwelling Places

LifeChange has been working with Dwelling Places Children’s Home since we began. Our founders, Ian and Sue Prichard have been involved with Dwelling Places since their inception. Dwelling Places was founded in July 1996 by Rita Nkemba, a Christian social worker who has given her life to working with street and slum children in Kampala, Uganda.

The vision of Dwelling Places is to provide a Godly, family-oriented setting for rescued Ugandan street children to live and have their basic needs met. Rita, the Dwelling Places staff, and several Africa Inland Mission missionaries work tirelessly to meet these children’s needs. Their care also now extends to abandoned babies and needy families of Kampala.

Dwelling Places works to reestablish broken families, train needy families in various vocations, amd educate their children. Housing, food, education, counselling, and medical care are provided by Dwelling Places, and the love of Jesus is shown to children and families who desperately need Him.

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Uganda: Michael’s Kids

LifeChange International has partnered with Michael Kyazze of Omega Healing Center in Kampala, Uganda to help support children in their community. Uganda is a nation plagued by AIDS and poverty. Many children have become orphans or abandoned due to the AIDS epidemic and live in extreme poverty. Many families are unable to care for their children without help. LifeChange International decided to help.

In 2001, LifeChange International started to support individual children monthly. By supporting each child with just $25 a month, LifeChange International is helping educate, clothe, and feed them as well as giving them a hope and a future while they stay with their family unit. As a result, Omega Healing Center has seen many of the children come to Christ along with their siblings, parents and neighbors. This program has resulted in significant and lasting change to the community where they live.

If you are interested in supporting a child, Life Change Internatinal is asking for an initial two-year commitment of $25 a month. If you wish to, you can play an integral part in your child’s life. You can pray for him, his family and his community. You can also send letters and Christmas cards through LifeChange International.

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